Wall of Fame

Nou bann patriot ki rann nou fier

During these challenging times where an invisible enemy has upset our lives, there are people who are on the frontline battling the virus and its propagation every day. They are patriots. The whole nation is immensely grateful to them. Some of our patriots are also ordinary citizens, who refuse to let negativity prevail and have decided to help our frontline soldiers and the nation in their own way.

On behalf of all Mauritians, Mauritius Telecom would like to also celebrate those Patriots who are transforming the ordinary into extraordinary on social media. They are spreading positive messages in a time where more than ever we need to be one nation. Sometimes they bring a smile, sometimes they entertain us and all of the time they are encouraging us to do the right thing and to be responsible. They are our heroes.

Let's clap for our heroes


Zot osi nou bann hero